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Quality of life,In the last,Product design and production of focus,Excellent quality,Good prestige,Good faith service,And the reputation of brand success
Quality of life, all in TianChang, Tianchang products focus on the design and production, excellent quality, good reputation, integrity of the service, the success of shaping the reputation of the brand


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Foshan city furniture co., LTD. Is a collection of design research and development、Production、Sales and after-sales service in one of the standardization of the production and sales enterprises。Furniture production base is located in foshan city, guangdong province shunde longjiang town。Since2001Founded in today,Has been strictly implementedIS9001-2000International quality management system standards。In practical、Innovation、Competitive spirit of enterprise、Humanized management is emphasized,In order to improve customer satisfaction as the goal,Dot the I's and cross the t's、Strive to perfect、The design is novel、Considerate service、Reasonable price management idea,Committed to manufacturing high quality of green environmental protection furniture for the purpose,Rigorous control each production link,From raw material selection to production have been cast,Create a series of structure and beautiful、Elegant、Fashion、Durable furniture products。Products include:The sofa、Tea table and ground ark、The bed、The mattress, etc。Its“SpecificityR”Brand of cloth art sofa at home and abroad market has been the recognition and praise of consumers...
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